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Black River High School Spanish I-IV

Mrs. Victoria Pintos
Procedures and Expectations

In this class you will lean to use the Spanish language practically and appropriately in today’s Spanish speaking world. In addition, the cultures and histories of those who speak Spanish will be emphasized throughout the year.

* Spanish I & II                 * Spanish III & IV

- textbook
- workbook (Spanish II only)                              - textbook
- writing utensil                                                   - workbook
- paper                                                                  - writing utensil
- binder with four sections                                - three subject notebook
- notes                                                                       - notes
- class work                                                               - class work
- homework                                                              - writing
- tests/ quizzes                                                     - two pocket folder

* Students have until Friday, September 1 to have all of their supplies in class with them.

Grading will be based on the following types of assignments.
- Homework
- Class Work
- Quizzes and Exams
- Projects
- Notebook
* All of these types of assignments are equally important and should be taken seriously.
* Opportunity for extra credit in this class may come up, but is rare.
* I am available most days after school for tutoring if needed. Peer tutors can also be arranged. Students are responsible for scheduling a time for tutoring.

Make-up work will be due in the same amount of days missed, beginning with the day that they return.
* Incomplete work will not be allowed to be made up if the student was not absent when it was assigned.
* Students will be responsible for checking for missed work on the Tarea que Falta page posted on the side board.
* Quizzes and Exams must be made up within a week of when they were first given. This can be done during a study hall or after school. They cannot be made up during the class period.
* Any assignments not completed and turned in within the time allowed will be entered into the grade book as a zero.

Classroom rules

Be respectful to all teachers, peers, and their belongings.
* Arrive to class on time. This means be in the door when the bell rings.
* Be prepared. Have all supplies unless told otherwise by myself.
* Stay in your seat until the bell rings.
* Keep the area around your desk clean and free of any debris.
* No books or materials from other classes are permitted to be on your desk during instruction.
* No sleeping.
* Cell phones are not permitted in Spanish class.
* Any other rule stated in the student handbook will also be enforced.

Breaking of the Classroom rules may result in the following consequences…

-verbal warning

-lunch detention

-call home

-office referral


Any type of cheating on any assignment will result in a zero for that assignment. Types of cheating may include, but are not limited to; looking at a peer’s paper, using a cheat sheet, copying a peer’s homework assignment, or using an online translator for more than one word at a time.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by e-mail at
Check out "One Semester of Spanish Love Song" to see if you've mastered the first semester of Spanish class!
Be sure to check out the Quizlet flash cards at the links below for additional Spanish practice!
Spanish I
Additional Spanish Class Resources
Victoria Pintos
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