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Junior Solar Sprint Cars
The sixth graders have been participating in the National Junior Solar Sprint for the first time this year.  Students worked in paris to create the fastest solar car.  Winners for the sixth grade:
      1st place- Gen Kneuss and Sophie HOneycutt
      2nd place- Blake Bruno and Andy Grove
      3rd place- Edge Bargar and Steven Clark

Best Design goes to Kaydance Delesky and Kendall Gaspari as well as Rylea Sprinkle and Hayley Rapp

The top five teams then competed against the top five teams from the fifth grade to see the overall top team for Black River.  6th grade did not find their way to 1st place but they did take 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place overall.  Our top teams will continue on and race against other area schools in January and February.