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Homework: Your child will have homework each night.  Please get in the habit of checking their Planner each night.  We will have assignments listed there daily.  As they complete each night's homework please check it for correctness.  If they have made mistakes please help them make corrections.  Your signature on each assignment will tell me that it has been checked by a parent or other adult and corrected.  Your initials on their planner will tell me you have reviewed what is due together.
Reading: Your child will be expected to read 100 minutes per week in third grade.  At the beginning they will be selecting their own reading material and responding as per the Reading Log Sheet. The Reading Log will be due each Monday, so plan your time appropriately.  At other times during the year I will assign specific reading material and the response method required.  Please check Planner and Reading Log for weekly details. Reading outside of school is NOT optional!