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UA Government
Week of 5.14.18 Origins of Local County Govt and review both 15th & 16th.  Senior Honors Breakfast 17th. Exam 18th and 21st.  
Week: of 5.7.18 to 5.11.18  State/Local primaries and related article on "Gerrymandering" in-class. Handout on Mass Media with all vocab, matching, mulitple choice and essay topics.  Exam review 15-16th exam 18th and 21th.  
Week of 4.30.18 - 5.4.18  Influences on State and Local Government including Public Opinion and Mass Media. Please see reminders and notes from previous weeks as well.  Friday 5.4.18 Mass Media handout in-class. Due: completed for credit. Review of handout and related Q's next week. on-line text or hard copy or internet research all available. Thanks. Psf
Week of 4.23.18 - 4.27.18 Read the link and complete all questions on this Ch.19 seven page section.  Use the book on-line Ch. 19 lesson 1. It will help compose part of the final exam.UA Ch.19 Public Opinion
Week of 4.16.18 - 4.20.18  Please complete the vocab h.o. on public policy from Ch.19 lesson 4 (either text or on-line), Combine MaxTeach with Robert Penn Warren quote and CTQ (C, R, E) coupled with film on H.P. Long and Power Formula. Exam review and Exam forthcoming. dditionally; search for your local township trustees, state representative and senator(s) plus governor and lt.governor (note: these last two categories can easily be found on the OHio General Assembly site)  
Week of 3.26.18 - 3.29.18 (Thursday)  . Please read this article link Are checks and Balances enough to protect our rights?and create the answers to the following after taking a position. Claim, Reason, Evidence and Counter Claim.  Read and create a Claim (position you agree with), Reason (state why you agree with the Calim you've chosen) and give Evidence (cite the article position you've chosen twice to support your Reason and Claim). Thanks. Psf  We'll discuss before you send the final product which should include your Counter Claim with two pieces of evidence.  Due Tuesday 4.10.18  Thanks. Psf  As mentioned many times previously in class. If you are a young man and within 30 days of being 18 years old, or you are now 18 years old, you must register with Selective Service System at   Thank you. Psf  Note: please get your community service 10 hours completed and turned into the office. You may look on my webpage link labled community service for ideas.  Glad to help. Thanks Psf
Week of 3.19.18 - 3.23.18 Review of Monday H.O. and state curriculum objective(s) including Gov't Econ/Finance and Property Tax article. H.O. and Ch.10 reading due Wednesday 3.20.18 and review for next quiz. Happy start of Spring.
Week of 3.12.18 - 3.16.18  Max Teach article below and take tax perspective. H. O. on Economic Government Policies State and Local 
Week of 3.5.18 - 3.9.18 Review and exam. (exam begins Wednesday).  
Week of 2.26.18 - 3.2.18 Small purple book Ch.9 Finance and Economics in-class outline. Checking W.S.' for credit on next exam.  
Week of 2.12.18 - 2.16.18  Small Evaluation during African-American History Month with Civil Rights H.O. terms and correcting false statements plus explain the difference between Civil Liberties and Civil Rights with 3 examples of each for Thursday 2.15.18 
Week of 2.5.18 - 2.9.18 Exam Make-up finished and Courts, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties H.O.  Addendum for exam bonus offered. if you're attempting the Bonus here's the question to answer: Explain and analyze the differences between Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and cite three examples as evidence for both.  Half sheet written or printed due by Monday 2.12.18
Week of 1.29.18 - 2.2.18  Exam on State Legislatures and Executives begins 2.1.18 and finishes 2.2.18.  
Week of 1.22.18 through 1.26.18 Article on State Legislature term limits in-class and State and Local Government textbook Ch.1 reading and page assignments with economic video on-line and related Q's Exam review and Exam to be assigned.  
Week of Tuesday 1.16.18 through 1.19.18 Please read and work on Ch.8 section 3 worksheet packet. Bring this packet all week. Keep the packet along with all other handouts, they will be good review for future evaluations and credit given as well. Finish reading Ch. 8 all sections by the end of the week.  Thanks. Respectfully, Psf
Week of Wed.1/3/18   There will be College Credit Plus Government class tomorrow January 3rd, 2018.  The in-class hand-out should be completed and credit given. Begin reading Ch.8 all section on-line: State Legislatures. Exam grades entered 1/12-1/15/18 Thank you. Respectfully, Psf 
Week 11/27- 12/1/17 : Read Ch.12 and 13 all sections on-line and take in-class notes on Judiciary and Court System.  Review for EOY (End of Year) Government Exam  this week. Exam next Thursday 12/7/17.   Semester exam review 11th-12th, Exam 13th-14th, make-up and addiitional time 15th.  If you were absent please follow the blrv email with link and instructions.  All questions with review materials in-class: Please answer these few Q's on Principle topics and amendments. Send to by the end of the day Monday 12/4/17 for credit. Define adn give examples of Limited Government and Checks and Balances (note: for these two refer to Q's 13 and 14 from Friday's EOY sample spring 17) also Federalism and Popular Sovereignty. Next; define and thoroughly explain these amendments 17th, 11th, 12th, 21st,13th, 14th, 4th, 9th and 10th (do all) and finally refer to EOY from Thursday Q#18 and explain what were the changes to the Ohio Constitution of 1851 and why were they brought about.  Get notes and review.  Always glad to help in any way on all materials.  Thanks. Respectfully, Psf 
Link to Syllabus:  copy and paste link below into new tab (url). 
For all UA Gov't. students: extended time for additional bonus offering. "Are we moving towards the UNITED states of America or the United STATES of America: Conferation or Federal Union?" One page maximum due Tuesday 11/24/17.  Monday: Executive Branch Ch.9 and 11 to be read by Thursday 11/16/17. Tuesday & Wednesday (14th/15th) Principles of Gov't: Executive branch with Ch.9 lesson 2 .    (Note: C-claim, R-reason, E-evidence and CC-counter claim is due now~Developing each element with an example of each following the 54 year release from the National Archives of the Warren Commission final documents and support.)  Small evaluation on Ch.9 only lessons 1, 2 and 3 Wednesday 11/15/17.   Begin reading on Executive branch Ch.s 9 and 11 (skip 10) and please have reading completed by Thursday 11/16/17
Ballot Research Project and 500 word C, R, E, CC paper along with Ballot Research all due now. Code explanation for this project is: A- all 5 necessary elements are present and properly employed. AA- all 5 necessary elements are present and properly employed but more detailed explanation is necessary to support C and CC.  AAA-not all 5 necessary elements are present and properly employed; greater clarification and evidence to support C and CC  AAAB-not all 5 necessary elements are present and properly employed plus one or more elements are missing on the explanation of issues One and Two. 
Note: Meet the Candidates Night this Thursday (11/2/17) at the BREC 7pmSee board terms. Thanks.  Psf  
 Week at a glance: Monday: TCI unit's assigned responsible for Ch.5 all sections read by Monday 10/9/17 Tuesday & Wednesday: MAX Teach Federalist Papers #44 and #45 Thursday: Quiz specific to Ch.5 Review and Evaluation of Government terms and concepts Data gathering. See board terms. Thanks. Psf
Should we be bound by "Original Intent?" 500 words, single spaced, not smaller, than 8pt type, any font (that's legible), no more than one page please (even if you must adjust type), two Constitutional citations and one from in-class article. Send to   by 10/6 
After exam begin reading Ch.5 on-line.  Ch.5 in-class W.S.hard-copy, structure of Govern't in coop. grp all responsible for by Wednesday, 9.27.17

Foundations of Government Readings Ch.1 read Pgs. 6 through 11, then Pgs.22 through 28

Read Ch.3 all plus lesson one Q's 2-5, lesson two Q's 7-9, lesson three Q's 3-7 and lesson four Q's 3-4 due tuesday 9.19.17

 Exam Review Tuesday 9.19. Exam starts Wed 9.20and finishes Thurs 9.21 (note: no school for students on Friday 9.22 Teacher in-service day).  
Foundations of Government Readings Ch.1 Pgs. 6 through 11, then Pgs.22 through 28.  Connect-Ed code is 52W8-BNS7-4X3Q   Have all read pages read by Friday 9/8/17 (this has been moved back one day).  Quiz on Friday 9/8/17 only on materials covered in class.  Until on-line subscriptions come in there will be hard copies and photo-copies of texts used until on-line subscriptions are available.  Many thanks. Psf

Please see bold link note with link below. Thanks. Psf

Welcome. Complete Max Teaching lesson than apply to Ohio's Constitution and begin reading Ch.9 Financing State and Local government. complete in-class questions and terms by 3.14.17  All work due by 3.17.17 (the end of the third quarter) Project Rationale, Purpose and 10 Q's due end of the day 3.20.17
Please see link below for basic Property Tax Project outline.  Many thanks.  All repect, P. S. Fechuch Project Expectations Outline completed by Wednesday 3.29.17.docx
Complete Exam review. Start exam Wed.8th and complete Thurs. 9th. Post review Friday 10th (make up too).  Begin reading Chapter 3.  Thanks. All respect, Psf

Complete on-line assignments and read Ch.2 in text or on-line State and Local Government by Monday 1/30/17. The State Finance worksheet coupled with the 1851 Ohio Constitution influences and changes notes by 1.27 
ConnectEd assignment all pages done on-line by 1/11

Thanksgiving Day Dinner information greatly appreciated. 

Be sure and Vote on Tuesday Nov. 8th 6:30am to 7:30pm Please log-on to Connect Ed and complete the Presidency related materials. Note: the Presidential Election Ballot Research Project 2016 and runs through the election. Continue reading Ch.8 and consider the bonus offering in class on Monday 11.7.16  Basic Rubric link at bottom (to be slight adjusted) and Document for the Ballot Research Project link also Located at the bottom of the page.

Please go to and enter your username and password (for example your username will be, BLRVFOX123) this is BLRV + (the first three letters of your last name all in CAPS) + (the last three of your lunch code) and your password (for example, the first three of your last name ONLY first letter in CAP + the last three of your lunch code).  After that simply enter the Redemption Code; LXML-WC56-M8XQ and click "Add a book" and view your assignment.  Please feel free to email me at  Thanks. All respect, Psf
Exam during the week of Sept.19th Ch.1 and 2
P. S. Fechuch is always available to help in any way he can. Typically, I am available before or after school, during my 4th period plan, 5b lunch or any other time by arrangement if you would be so kind as to give me a "heads-up" or send an email or previously contact me in some way.
 Thank you. Psf 
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