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Sight Word Practice
   This year to help your student practice their sight words we will be doing Sight Word Rock Stars. At the beginning of the year your son/daughter will be assessed on the Dolch Sight word lists for first, second, and third grade. Students will then receive a copy of each list that they will be working on. The lists include 40-50 words and they will be broken into groups of 10 words. Students will then be expected to practice the group of 10 that they have not currently mastered. Once a student can read through each set of 10; 3 times; they will be considered mastered on that group and move on to the next set. Students will each have their own star hanging in the classroom where they will place a sticker when they have mastered that list. Below is the link to the Dolch Sight Word Lists as well as some games and activities for the students to help them practice.
Dolch Sight Word Lists
Dolch Sight Word Games & Activities
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