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Mrs. Schollaert's Page
Mrs. Schollaert
Room 8
Welcome to the High School!
I teach Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.
 I am looking forward to a great year in math.
Supplies: Book, graph paper, pencils, pen, dry erase marker, notebook, TI_84 calculator                                             
Grading: Homework. tests, quizzes, classwork

Class Expectations: 
Be in seat when bell rings
Start board work ASAP if there is any
Always bring your book, notebook, pencil,  pen, and calculator to class
No writing on desks
No food or drink in class
No sleeping in class
Remain in seat until bell rings
Get to work on homework or classwork when the time is indicated
Mrs. Schollaert is available for extra help on an individual basis.  After school by appointment.  Students can take advantage of  homework help, 
quiz/test review, and past concept understanding.
Will generally be assigned daily.  Is to be completed before the start of class.                  
                                         Every problem should be written out and work shown when indicated.                                                                                
Name, page number, and assignment on all homework                                                     
Homework will be graded by the student, with pen.
Your responsibility to make up and turn in when class is missed.

Label notes with the chapter, section, and date
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up notes missed. 
You can't learn, if you don't have the tools to help.

The Successful Student will:
Follow school/classroom rules
Bring all necessary materials
Complete all assignments
Take notes and ask questions
Follow directions/instructions
Seek extra help
Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to Algebra 1 and Algebra 2! To help keep you up-to-date about classroom news 
and assignments, I’ve signed up for Remind this year. Remind is a free service that lets me send one-way 
messages via push notifications or email to everyone in the class. Remind will keep our phone numbers private, 
while making it a lot easier to stay in touch when you’re outside the classroom. Signing up for my messages
on Remind is a quick and easy process: 
• You will not be able to respond 
to any messages.
• All messages are recorded in 
case we need to reference 
them in the future.
Download the Remind 
application on your Android 
or iPhone. 
Once you’ve downloaded 
the app, create a student 
or parent account with your 
e-mail address.
Search for my class by 
entering this unique code:
Algebra 1 Algebra 2
@mrsscholla @scholla2

I’m excited to get to know you and your child better this year. Hopefully my Remind messages will be
an easier way for us to keep in touch about the class. Some more information about Remind:
• Your personal contact 
information is never seen by 
me or by the school. 
• Messages from my class will 
be sent straight to your phone 
or email account
• If I need to send specific 
information to a select few 
people in the class, I can 
message groups of 3+ people

Thanks for signing up for my class on Remind! If you have any questions about the service, please feel free
to contact me through email . I look forward to connecting with you!

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