Mr. Donelson

Mr. Donelson
Math 8 and Algebra 1

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phone: 419/736-3300
*email is the most efficient way to contact me 

Welcome to Mr. Donelson’s Math 8 and Algebra I classes!

We’ll be working hard this year to cure any cases of “Math Phobia” that may be diagnosed, and to find as many ways as we can to connect math to our daily lives. We’ll extend our study of math beyond algorithms and calculations and explore how math is an integral part of the world around us. We’ll participate in small group problem-solving opportunities frequently. We’ll integrate technology into our curriculum by accessing the resources available on the Glencoe website that accompanies our textbook as well as other websites and apps. We’ll make extensive use of our new Chromebook cart in class and we’ll also be viewing assigned videos and other resources at home and outside of class.

This year we’ll also focus on developing a growth mindset in every student which will empower each of us to be successful in math and will give us all the confidence and motivation to persevere when faced with challenging problem situations.

Parents and caregivers are important partners in the education process. Your input and participation are welcome! Please contact me with any comments or concerns you may have.

It’s going to be a great year!