Modern World History

HMWH Documents Assignment

Week of 5.14.18 to 5.18.18 Four themes of Modern World History outline completed in-class. Journey boxes are finished and due 22nd 
Week of 5.7.18 - 5.11.18 Complete outline questions on post world 1989 to present 4 Modern World History themes. Continue working on Journey Boxes.  
Week of 4.30.18 - 5.4.18  Journey Boxes and rubric developed in class.  All C.W. assignments due.  Please see previous week notes.
Post Cold War 1989 to present Journey Boxes to be worked on 5.3.18. 5.4.18 and 5.7.18 in-class. due 5.22  Also: small eval. 5.22.18 
Week of 3.26.18 - 3.29.18  C.E. assignment Part 2 Lesson Two Ch.18 read and answer all 5 CTQ's "R" at the end of assignment.  Please bring in shoe boxes   Here's the link to the Cold War Mapping assignment (forgive type-o- "to" should be "too." terms to follow after break) not due until return from Spring Break. Enjoy the break. 
Week of 3.19.18 - 3.23.18  C. E. assignment and CommonLit "Berlin Wall due with Cold War video and related question. 
Week of 3.12.18 - 3.16.18 Pre-evaluation of Cold War and exam WWII exam(s) completed. C. E. assignment and CommonLit "Berlin Wall 
Week of 3.5.18 - 3.9.18 Complete WWII and review with exam (starts Friday) 
Week of 2.26.18 - 3.2.18 C.E. WWII assignment including C, R, E CTQ's from film 
Week of 2.12.18 - 2.16.18  Small Evaluation on Thursday 2.15.18 based on lecture and on-line text terms and reading with maps from Ch.15 sections 1 and 2.  Complete Civil Rights packet and assigned text readings from State and Local Government book Ch. 8 Courts
Week of 2.5.18 - 2.9.18    Ch.15 and Ch.16 World between the Wars reading.   Amelia Earhart: CommonLit reading and Q's due 2.9,  collaborative project with ELA on "World between the Wars" (with Rubrics already handed out in class and discussed with ELA) due Friday by the start of the class (moved back due to snow day Wednesday) Thanks for your hard work.  Note: consider addendum bonus for WWI and Russian Revolution Exam: Q's 1,2,3 and 4 (pg.310 hard copy) or Ch.15 Assessment (on-line) all due Monday 2.12.18
Week of 1.29.18 - 2.2.18 All essays are due and duly noted in Progress Book as blue thus missing if this applies; otherwise grade(s) entered.  Amelia Earhart: CommonLit reading and Q's due 2.9,  collaborative project with ELA on "World between the Wars" (with Rubrics already handed out in class and discussed with ELA) due Wednesday by the end of the day.  Start WWi and Rus Rev Exam 2.1 and finish 2.2. Turn in Study notes for additional credit once exam completed. Thanks. Psf
Week of 1.22.18 through 1.26.18 Russian Revolution C,E,E,CC,E (Claim, Evidence with citation of source plus Evidence with citation with source a second time, CounterClaim and  Evidence with citation of source for CounterClaim) emailed to me. Project outoine offered on Thursday. WWI and Russian Revolution outline for exam on Friday. 
Week of 1.16.18 through 1.19.18 Russian Revolution and "The World between the Wars" in-class and Connect-Ed this week. Thanks.
Assignment on Cause and Effect at the end of WWI (from Thur 1.11.18) Essay due. In-class H.O. for final Pre-exam WWI evaluation this week. 
Week of 1.3.18 - 1.5.18 WWI "All Quiet on the Western Front" segments and Connect Ed Q's. Exam grades entered 1.12.18 - 1.15.18 
Week 12.4-12.8  Complete Imperialism C, R, E, CC assignment (Africa Map 2sided H.O.) by Friday 12.8  Review and Imperialism Evaluation end of the week.  
Week at a glance: Monday: Imperialism CommonLit assignment "Scramble for Africa" and Russia's Last Czar" assigned responsible for all.  Ch.12 Imperialism ConnectEd assignment on-line due by  Tuesday 11/28  Wednesday: MAX Teach C-claim, R-reason, E=evidence and CC-Counter Claim employing Ch.12 Nationalism and Imperialism: a two-edged sword?  Friday: Quiz on Imperialism all Q's due on-line to    See board terms.  Spirit Week: Mon. PJ's Tues.favorite Sports Team Wed."Let's glow.." Thurs.Crazy Day  Fri.Black and Gold  Spirit Bus available: we need a minimum of 20+ by end of the day Wed. 11.15 Thanks. Psf
Four historical corners: social, economic, political and geographic applied CTQ's in-class for Ch.9 section 3 Rise of Napoleon.  Round Two on Wednesday with Quiz Friday 10/6/17
Begin reading Ch.9 only sections 1 and 2.  We'll finish "Anatomy of a Revolution" next week. Ch.9 Q's start Tuesday 9/26/17. Answer all Q's on-line plus highlight and save in a G'Doc to be safe. Enjoy the week!  Thanks. Respetfully, Psf  
Friday review for Monday's Enlightenment Exam. "How to win the War on Terrorism" contest essay now due Wednesday the 20th.  Thanks.  Be sure and check Connect-Ed for assignments etc.. 
Complete reading Connect-Ed (code # is EELN-KTOP-MSVQ) text pgs. 126-139.  Q's 2, 3, 4 and 6 pg. 133 and Q's 2, 3, 6 pg. 139  all due on-line by Friday  9/8/17 to 
 Email all assignments to (do assignments in whatever format or platform you chose but send or forward to  Thanks. Respectfully, Psf) 
Below is for the in-coming 2017-2018 Honors students to complete during this summer

Welcome to Honors Modern World History. PartI For the first part of the summer documents reading assignment, go to Yale University's site and then click on 20thcentury and then click on Woodrow Wilson's 14pts. Please read this document and Hypothesize what Wilson's goal was for the 14th (last) point? Synthesize(like detective work, synthesizing involves putting together clues, information and ideas to form an overall picture of an event)by employing clues from the document and cite these clues. One paragraph (8 to 12 sentences) sent to me should be fine. Please send to (Please respond to the feedback I gave on part I. Thanks to those who responded! I look forward to working on this.  Feel free to continue the dialog.  Part II is available now. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page. Read each section page and answer Applying the Skill at the bottom of each section page.  There are six Applying the Skills Q's to answer.  Use the text pages after each section to answer each of the Applying the Skills.  There are six assignments total.  Note: only for graphing answers in Part Two, you may simply take a photo of the graph with your phone or similar and send it to (however; all written responses should be sent simply as they were in part one; not with photos. thanks.)  Please feel free to read other documents, for example The Treaty of Versailles which includes a League of Nations, that might help with connecting Wilson's logic and The League of Nations feedback I've been providing for part One. I will gladly provide feedback and input to help in response to your questions/answers. Please return your contract agreements as well.  All work is due by July 28th.  Speci!cally, the Common Core Standards argue, “to be ready for college, workforce training, and life in a technological society, students need the ability to gather, comprehend, evaluate, synthesize, and report on information and ideas, to conduct original research in order to answer questions” (NGA and CCSSO, p. 4)  P. S. Fechuch is always available to help in any way he can.  Typically, I am available all summer, also before or after school, during my 4th period plan, 5b lunch or any other time by arrangement. If you should have a question please be so kind as to give me a "heads-up" or send an email to  You may also call the High School at (419) 736-3303 x529 (during June 7:30am to 3pm) or leave a message any time at X529.  Many thanks and all respect, Psf