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Historical Perspective: Stone Age vs. Post Industrial Am.
AFO CTQ's in-class along with the Globalization Q's and terms.
Exam Review and Exam follow exam schedule May 30th through June 1st.

Complete UpFront magazine on-line articles by highlighting answers plus read numbers in the news with pgs.4-5 and keep up with reading Student News Daily. Potential Quiz 4.13.17 

Alternative perspectives in MHP with vignettes and CTQ's through 3.31.17

World geography assignment due now!  Keep up with the reading on current events at Student News Daily and UpFront magazine (available on-line too).  All work due by 3.17.17 (the end of the third quarter).  Please submit all 11"x 18" paper assignments plus answer 150-250 word summary on any three current events from the news (note: 150-250 total for all three) to:

Welcome. Begin review for exam on Current Events on-line with Data gathering.

Gandhi Q's for "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."  Develop a MHP through viewing Gandhi and assembling
the "evolving perspective and the human experience."

Please complete: Modern Historical Perspective timelines 11"x 17" sheet.  (both sides).  Read Student News Daily on
-line daily and also daily news article.  Write one page summary on-line and send to  choose from Student News Daily.

P. S. Fechuch is always available to help in any way he can. Typically, I am available before or after school, during my 3rd period plan, 5b lunch or any other time by arrangement if you would be so kind as to give me a "heads-up" or send an email or previously contact me in some way.
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