Language Arts

Welcome to Fourth Grade Language Arts!!  
Each week students will have a Home Reading Journal to complete.  They will get a new journal every Tuesday and it is due the following Tuesday.  You must read for 25 minutes for four different days.  Please make sure you are following the directions for each day.  Parents: Please check over your students work carefully before they turn it in on Tuesday. 
Lexia-  Lexia is an online Language Arts program that all students have access to use at school and at home.  This program assigns individualized assignments based on your child's beginning of the year placement test.  Each student is assigned a minutes goal for the week.  The week begins Monday morning and ends Sunday evening.  This program is wonderful for filling in gaps students may have and accelerating students that are performing beyond grade level.  Our goal is for every student to reach their weekly minutes goal each week.  Their log in information is stapled in the front of every students planner.