Welcome to 5th Grade Mathematics

 5th Grade Math
Mrs. Kelso 
Parents, please look in your child’s planner every Monday to see what is planned for the week ahead. Students are given the weeks homework on Monday for the week. Most weeks it is only 16 questions for the week. Please help remind your child to complete the practice as it should only take 20 minutes or so. The only other homework that will pop up is classwork that was not finished in class. All homework should be found in your child’s math folder (8 pocket folder). If your child is not bringing these items home on a regular basis, please contact me. 

Students SHOULD correct their work or turn in missing assignments for additional points. Students that correct their tests usually increase their grade by a letter grade or more.  Check Progress Book with your child and remind them to take advantage of correcting their mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes if we take the time to think about them. All students have the time during the day to check their progress book account at school themselves. This can be done on any chromebook. We are trying to encourage students to be responsible for their own grade. 

Your child should be fluent in their basic math facts. Practice addition and subtraction facts as well as multiplication facts. Math is very difficult for your child if they do not know their facts. Students can show you their progress on on any computer, tablet, or phone.  Review your child’s math notebook with them a few times a week. There are example problems in their notebook that will help them with homework and on tests! 

If you notice your child struggling please contact me. I take homework questions throughout the week everyday. Please encourage them to ask me to help with a problem. I am available to offer extra help during class and other times during the week. Many struggling students are often late turning in assignments and do not ask for help. Please contact me as soon as you notice your child  is struggling. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. My email is at