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Honors American History
Homework due on Monday, February 20, 2018=Atomic Bomb political cartoon
Chs. 11 and 12 Vocabulary Terms:  internationalism; strategic materials; disenfranchised; cost-plus; Sunbelt; zoot suit; victory suit; rationing; victory garden; amphtrac; kamikaze; periphery; convoy system; hedgerow; napalm
Ch. 13 Vocabulary Terms:  charter; satellite nations; Iron Curtain; containment; limited war; subversion; loyalty review program; perjury; censure; fallout; massive retaliation; brinkmanship; covert; developing nation; military-industrial complex   
Assignments for week of February 26, 2018
Monday--1.)  Chs. 11-12 Review
       Homework: Chs. 11-12 Test on Wednesday; Chs. 11-12 Study Guide due Wednesday; WWII USA Homefront crossword puzzle due Tuesday for extra credit;
Tuesday--1.)  ACT Testing
Wednesday--1.)  Chs. 11-12 Test
   Homework: workbook Lesson 6 pgs. 51-58 due Monday; read documents for DBQ
Thursday--1.) DBQ "The American Home Front During WWII"
   Homework:  workbook Lesson 6 pgs. 51-58 due Monday; watch video  by MondayThe Cold War Part I:  From World War to Cold War
 Friday--1.) read "The Cold War (1945-1963)"
            2.) Ch. 13 Vocabulary
      Homework:  workbook Lesson 6 pgs. 51-58 due Monday; watch video The Cold War Part I:  From World War to Cold War by Monday 
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Summer Assignments
Below is the document with your summer assignments due in August 2017.
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