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Grain Merchandising

Farming the land is a lifestyle as much as a job. There are things about farming you can control, like what crops you grow, whether or not you raise livestock, or when you buy inputs or sell whatever it is you’re producing. But there are many things you cannot control, things like Mother Nature, world events, or supply and demand for crops or livestock. The events and situations you may not have an influence over can have a devastating effect on your operation. The key is to learn how to manage the effect of these forces on your bottom line. By learning more about the use of futures and options in your marketing plan, you can manage these effects and take control of your future.

On April 26, five Black River FFA members put their marketing tools to practice by participating in the Ohio FFA State Grain Merchandising Career Development Event. The competition helps to stimulate an interest in the area of grain merchandising and to make students aware of the complex decision making process associated with merchandising agricultural products. The following girls placed 18th in the competition; Hannah Heath, Callee Aviles, McKenzie Hendershot, Mandy Yoder and Morgan Czarny. They would like to thank, Superintendent, Mr. Chris Clark for assisting in coaching the team.

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