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Week at a glance: Monday: TCI unit's assigned responsible for Ch.11 and 12 Congress and Legislature plus econ spending notes all sections due now. Tuesday & Wednesday (21st/22nd) Principles of Gov't: begin the Executive branch.  (note: C-claim, R-reason, E-evidence and CC-counter claim. Developing each element with an example of each following the 54 year release from the National Archives of the Warren Commission final documents and support. due Tuesday 11/22/17)  TCI terms on Vocabulary Cards #11 and #12 plus board terms will have a small quiz Wednesday 11/22/17.  TCI only unit #12 notebook and both Lesson Games from units #11 and #12 See board terms due now.  Thanks.  Psf 
 Due now JFK (no later than 11.22) 500 word C, R, E, CC paper along with Ballot Research all due now. Code explanation for this project is: A- all 5 necessary elements are present and properly employed. AA- all 5 necessary elements are present and properly employed but more detailed explanation is necessary to support C and CC.  AAA-not all 5 necessary elements are present and properly employed; greater clarification and evidence to support C and CC  AAAB-not all 5 necessary elements are present and properly employed plus one or more elements are missing on the explanation of issues One and Two. 
500 word C, R, E, CC paper along with Ballot Research all due on Friday 11/2217 
Please complete TCI Unit#3 all three component parts.  If you do not have an on-line subscription yet all related materials and quizzes are composed of only materials photo-copied or covered in class.  Many thanks and all respect, Psf   Note: please send all assignments to
Exam Review 5.15.17-5.16.17 Exam 5.17.17-5.18.17 Make-ups and extensions 5.19.17

textbook Ch.20 pgs. 614 Q's 2-7 and 628 Q's 2-5 all due 4.13.17
then begin TCI Unit#9 (hold-off on eval until 4.28.17 Fri.)

Complete TCI Unit#5 on-line assessment will open Monday 3.20.17 through 3.29.17  Complete in-class Critical Thinking board Questions and Tuesday's vocab list by Wednesday 3.29  on-line government exam Friday 3.31.17  

Begin reading in-class assignment with associated film and answer questions. TCI assignment is due 3.14.17  All work due by 3.17.17 (the end of the third quarter).  For a grade the EOY sample 2016 government exam must be completed in-class by 3.9.17  Thank you. Psf

Complete the Inauguration letter "President Trump I would like to see these economic issues addressed..." and include the four econ/govt terms from the board. @500 words sgl spc on-line due 1.27.17  Additionally; the State Finance worksheet coupled with the 1851 Ohio Constitution influences and changes notes by 1.27 

Welcome to a great opportunity to learn cooperatively about American Government! Please finish TCI Unit#14 Federal Budget and 15 for the Federal Judicial System and Civic Duties (ie. Jury Duty).  Quiz on Thursday 1/12/17

Addendum bonus: optional. Submit 250-500 words on either of these two prompts: America is a multi-cultural fabric composed of ideas and peoples from around the world. Or  "E-puribus-unum" out of the many comes one: a template for global peace.  Please submit on-line to  by  Wednesday 1.18.17

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Information is greatly appreciated.

Vote Nov.8th 6:30 am to 7:30 pm   Note: the Presidential Election Ballot Research Project 2016 and runs through the election. On-line TCI Unit #10, Campaigns and Elections, , due 11.7.16   see the bottom of the page for the research outline link.

For new students: be sure to complete Unit One on Power and Politics and click submit.  You must contact the instructor at to receive the redemption code and I will add and activate your on-line account 

P. S. Fechuch is always available to help in any way he can. Typically, I am available before or after school, during my 4th period plan, 5b lunch or any other time by arrangement if you would be so kind as to give me a "heads-up" or send an email or previously contact me in some way.
I genuinely look forward to learning and instructing these courses with you. Being flexible and open-minded are key ingredients in your success as well as possessing a positive attitude with good attendance. I may be reached at: (419) 736-3303 x529 or  
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