Welcome to Mrs. Goble's 
1st Grade Classroom!
Important Announcements...

* Don't forget to turn in your December Pizza Hut "Book It" reading calendars for your free personal pizza coupon. 

* Snack - Please be sure to pack your child a daily snack, we have a very long morning due to lunch being at 12:35p.m! We do have allergies in the room to consider when making a classroom snack donation...citrus, pine, red dye, and gluten, thank you in advance for your consideration!  


                The bookmobile will be coming on Thursday, January 17th and 31st.

Report Cards

The end of the 2nd 9 weeks is Thursday, January 17th.  Report cards will be sent home Friday, January 25th.  

No School

There will be no school on Friday, January 18th due to teacher inservice and Monday, January th for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day. 

                               Book It

Please be sure to color a square on the “Book-it” calendar each day your child reads and return it for their free pizza certificate at the end of the month!


We will be going outside for recess daily unless the temperature (including wind chill) is below 21degrees, so please be sure to dress your child for the weather…winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, boots, etc…REMEMBER, WE ARE OUTSIDE AT 1:05p.m. BEFORE THE PEAK TEMPERATURE OF THE DAY.  BETTER TO PACK MORE THAN NECESSARY, THAN LESS, AND YOUR CHILD BE COLD.  Thank you so much!


      Please be sure to send in a snack with your child each day.  We have a very long morning, therefore we have a snack break around 10:05 each day to help hold the children over until our lunch at 12:35p.m.  Snack donations to our classroom for students who do not have a snack are always appreciated.

Water Bottles

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day. It may be kept on their shelf above their coat hook.  Using a water bottle instead of the drinking fountain will help reduce the risk of contracting an illness.  We have already had cases of strep throat, many colds/coughs/fevers, and flu season is just around the corner.  The use of water bottles will help prevent the spread of these illnesses.  

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!  I hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy 2019!

Your Partner in Education,

Mrs. Julie Goble

Weekly Spelling Skills


January 7th-11th

January 14th- 17th



January 28th-February 1st

Weekly Hunks and Chunks

“ou”, “ow”, “eigh”

“oi” & “oy”

“er”, “ir”, “ur”


Sample Spelling Words

shout, howl,


spoil, toy

her, stir,


who, what, when, where, why


Sight Words

how & out

We will not have a Spelling test this week.

there & had

use & will

We will not have a Spelling test this week.

which & my


Book Pocket Reminder

Please make sure your child is reading their book pocket every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  It is very important for your child to keep rereading the story to work on building fluency.  Fluency is reading quickly and accurately with expression.  Fluency is an important skill to master because it helps to aid in comprehension.  This is because your child will be focusing less on trying to figure out the words, and more on what the words are saying.  Practicing the repeated reading of texts will help your child develop their fluency.  After your child has read the story to you, pease be sure to ask them comprehension questions to make sue that they are retaining what they are reading.  For example, “Who are the characters, who was the main character (how do you know?), what was the setting, problem/solution, what happened in the beginning, middle, end of the story, what was your favorite part, why?  What does this story remind you of?  Lastly, please be sure to fill in the “comments” section of the book pocket record sheet with the following notes…”too easy, just right, too difficult.”  This helps me to make sure they are getting just the right book sent home in their book pocket.

Please feel free to contact me at...
(419)736-2161    ext.574