Fall Field

What a beautiful day to take go outside! On October 6, Jake Tyree from Crop Production Services visited the ag classes and helped them perform a crop yield analysis on our 15-acre and 4-acre soybean fields. Each class period had the chance to go out into the field and learn how to find the crop’s approximate yield, identify problem weeds like marestail, and evaluate problems or things that went well with the field during the growing season.

Students were sorted into groups and dispersed themselves in different parts of the field. Jake showed them how to calculate approximately how many plants were in the field, how many beans were in the pods, and how many pods were on a plant. By sampling a small area, the students were able to come to a good conclusion on what the entire fields would yield.

     The Black River FFA would like to thank Jake Tyree for taking the time out of his schedule to visit with the Black River FFA ag classes! We would also like to thank CPS and Mr. McCourt for donating some of the inputs for our field and the Black River School Board for allowing us the learning opportunity.