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Community Service

Please keep track of your minimum 10 hours.  Refer to these previous ideas or submit new ones to be added to this site. 
See Mrs. Howard if looking for a great opportunity with the Fall Season Farm Tours 
SprintPak is looking for someone to do mowing and yardwork. 1 330 948 4141  of fax to 1 330 948 4168    (note: address is: 11820 Black River School Rd., Homerville, Ohio 44235) 
See Nicole Arnold at Little Boots Farm. 440 478 9255  8233 Camp Rd. Homerville.  Great opportunity to take care of horses, goats,etc..
Help with Packages overseas to those serving our great country, Holiday help and related to these are all fine.  If you've helped with a summer camp with youth or similar or related, helping with BR residents (may need clarification or get pre-approval first).  Please be sure to be specific, document information and activities plus get the contact information and signatures. 
Thanksgiving Day Dinners delivered on Thanksgiving Day.  We still need a few people to volunteer to cook Turkeys, bring in boxes, delivery people and helpers of all sorts.  Up to 5 hours of Community Serivce available!!!  Please see Mr. Fechuch or Mrs. Oberholtzer
Shipping packages to those serving overseas in December.  Also: volunteer to assemble small winter driving safety kits.  
Outstanding opportunity: help set-up for Christmas by The River.  Please contact Joanne Maslanka at the BREC. Thank you. 
Thanksgiving Day Dinners delivered is an opportunity to get some community service! Continuing to be updated.  While transferring information from the previous site..

Another great opportunity for Community Service!  Help out with setting up for the Craft Show on friday and you may actually finish your hours!  See Mrs. Burton in the High School library. Don't miss this rare opportunity to have some energetic fun and get a preview of the show!

Looking for a great opportunity to get community service? Call Mr. John Hurt 440 669 4681.  Many wonderful small odds and ends to help with at The Spencer United Methodist Church.  

Needs yard help. Please call 216 287 3549 @2 miles from BRHS.
You may refer to the previous list of successful services offered. 
Seniors may begin accumulating community service hours for their related activities during the summer.  
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