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Mrs. Cleavenger's Fourth Grade Class

                                                         Welcome to Fourth Grade!!!
   I hope that you had a wonderful summer with family and friends and are still enjoying our warm weather.
   Our school year is underway, and the students are doing an outstanding job!  Your child has had to learn some new routines this year.  Students have me for math  and science, but they have Mrs. Bowens for language arts and social studies.  This means they have to switch classes, and they are doing a great job with that!
   In math, we have been working on place value.  This includes not only reading and writing multi-digit numbers, but also writing the numbers in expanded form, and word form along with  the standard form. We will  also be learning to round  multi-digit numbers to any place value.  Students are expected to know their multiplication facts, but I'm finding that many students got a little rusty over the summer.  Please review multiplication facts with your child.
   Our new science book is exciting!  We are learning about the many different jobs of scientist and how they use the scientific method to work through problems.
                                                                  Your partner in education,
                                                                   Mrs. Cleavenger
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