Classroom Management

Classroom Management


              1. Respect others.
              2. Respect our resources.
              3. Always do your best.
              4. Leave gum in your room.
              5. Enter and leave quietly. 

My expectations are simple:  RESPECT OTHERS and ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST. In the front of my room there is an Expectation Chart that lists five behaviors that all students should demonstrate during my class.  The most important behaviors, "respect others" and "always do your best", affect all that happens in my room.  All students must understand and demonstrate these effectively.

For kindergarten through fifth grade classes meeting all five expectations, the class will earn 4 DOJO points.  ("Class Dojo" is a classroom management program where an avatar is assigned to each homeroom.)  At 30 points the class will earn a "Game Day" where they will choose their favorite music activities. Various levels are set up so that each class will move through the year with earned game days.  At each level, the avatar will change in character and color, a chart is posted in the front of the room for students to reference the different levels. 

On an individual level, one or two students from each class who meet or exceed these expectations and follow the Black River Schools PBIS reward system requirements will receive a "PBIS Ticket". For students needing extra assistance in maintaining consistent appropriate behavior, this ticket provides an incentive for them to monitor their own behavior.   Students will collect these tickets they receive from many areas of the school to redeem them for rewards of their choice.

Students who do not follow these expectations will receive a first warning.  If the undesired behavior continues, the student will be given a "Think Sheet" to take home.  This sheet will have the expectations listed and will briefly describe the problem that occurred in class. You and your child will provide me ideas and feedback on how your child will improve their behavior.  This will be signed by you, and must be returned to me the next morning.  If the behavior continues, the student will be sent to the office with an office referral at this second warning OR I may contact you directly depending on the situation.

For serious offenses, students will receive an office referral at the first warning and will be removed from class immediately to be sent to the principal's office.  The principal will take care of the problem in a fair manner.

Assessment is based on participation and performance in class. Participation is very important at the elementary level.  Music is a hands-on experience, and your child can learn so much just by trying.  

Music class is a time of fun and learning.  Most students look forward to music class because it is the time of the day where they can relax and participate in activities that are structured in a different way than other classes they have during the day.   I plan many different activities for each class period and if the class works together as a unit, they can learn and grow together.