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American History
Homework due on Monday, May 21, 2018=none
Chapter 18 Vocabulary Terms:  counterculture; hippies; communes; feminism; repatriation; bilingualism
Assignments for week of May 21, 2018
Monday--1.) Ch. 16 Review
      Homework: Ch. 16 Study Guide due Tuesday; Ch. 16 Test due Tuesday
Tuesday--1.)  Ch. 16 Test
      Homework:  bring earbuds/headphones Wednesday and Thursday
Wednesday--1.) Ch. 18 assignments
   Homework: Ch. 18 assignments due by start of class on Friday; bring earbuds/headphones on Thursday
Thursday--1.) Ch. 18 assignments
   Homework:  Ch. 18 assignments due Friday by the start of class
 Friday--1.) Review for Semester Exam
      Homework:  Exam study guide due day of exam (2nd period exam on Wednesday; 4th period exam on Tuesday)
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