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American Government
Homework due on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018=First Amendment Bellringer in Google Classroom
Chapter 15 Vocabulary Terms:  pure speech; symoblic speech; obscenity; defamation; slander; libel; "fighting words"; commercial speech; seditious speech; censorship; prior restraint; gag order; sequester; petition; establishment clause; secular; free exercise clause; Jim Crow laws; substantive due process; equal protection clause; discrimination; sit-in; affirmative action; racial quota
Assignments for week of January 22, 2018
Monday--1.) Freedom of Press, Assembly, and Petition
            Homework:  Van Order v. Perry video (ConnectEd); Ch. 15 Vocabulary Quiz Friday
Tuesday--1.) 15.3 guided reading worksheet
        Homework:  Ch. 15 Vocabulary Quiz Friday
Wednesday--1.) "Free Exercise or Establishment Clause"
                  2.) "Prayer in Public Schools" 
      Homework:  Ch. 15 Vocabulary Quiz Friday
Thursday--1.) "Prayer in Public Schools" presentations
      Homework: Ch. 15 Vocabulary Quiz Friday; Dred Scott video (ConnectEd)
Friday--1.) Ch. 15 Vocabulary Quiz
            2.) Ch. 15.4 Notes
      Homework:  14th Amendment video  and questions
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